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Available on online program & onsite program

Social Media Analytics Workshop

Program Description

Data has grown at an unprecedented pace along with the fame of cloud infrastructure. Sharing opinions in social media, sending emails, and making phone calls each day create a massive amount of data. Indeed, data is growing exponentially and does not seem to be lowering its pace. The result of this explosion is familiarly known as big data. Big data promises huge opportunities, but also raises huge issues. The immense volumes of mainly unstructured data are meaningless with the lack of understanding of how to mine the deeply buried knowledge under piles of complex data in cost-effective and innovative way. Big data Analytics for Social Media Workshop by Telkom University provides the right way to understand the remarkable value of this asset abundance, understand the way in extracting real-world pattern to solve domain problems and remain competitive. This workshop is equipped with hands-on and fully designed for those without any programming and computer science background.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants are expected to have competence in:
1. Social Media Analytic Fundamental
2. Collect Social Media Data through Crawling, Streaming, and Scraping (+Practice)
3. Turning Social Relations into a Network (+ Practice)
4. Identify Influencers within a Society (+ Practice)
5. Understand the Information Flow Structure (+ Practice)
6. Handle Indonesian Text Data (+ Practice)
7. Analyze the Crowd Sentiment (+ Practice)
8. Summarize Topic of a Text Document (+ Practice)
9. Identify Frequently Related Words (+ Practice)

Program Fee

⁠Onsite Program

IDR 500,000 – Full Day

Online Program

IDR 250,000 – 2 Day


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