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Data Analytics is a collection of frameworks, state of mind, and activities on how to find patterns or knowledge buried inside highly complex data. Big Data has the characteristics of large scale volume, variety of data types, fast data production, which all of those characteristics should be support the data quality assurance, and provide value to solve domain problems. Big data analytic lead to valuable knowledge and the promotion of innovative activity for the organization.

Big Data Analysts should have the core knowledge to extract information or learn from data. They should have the competence to construct a predictive analytics model, capable to perform computation modeling based on simulation and optimization and understand big data computation framework. This proficiency makes Big Data analyst proved to be the most demanded skill in today’s industry.

Program Description

This program helps the participants to polish their expertise as a Big Data Analyst by providing methodological and technical skills. The course covers state-of-art data mining techniques for identifying an unexpected pattern, structures, models or trends in data to support the better decision-making process. The program is held for 5 days (29 Hours) consisting of 4 days (26 Hours) in-class theoretical learning along with practical hands-on and 1-day (3 hours) certification test. The participants are required to have knowledge in statistics or mathematics, data mining or general computer science, and business or domain expertise. This program has been verified by TuV Rheinland and registered on Certipedia. Certipedia Link:

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Program Outcome

After completing this program, participants are expected to have competence in:

  • Perform predictive analytics.
  • Build predictive models based on structured and unstructured data.
  • Perform machine learning activities.
  • Analyze social network/graph data.
  • Perform text analytics.
  • Perform computational modeling.
  • Big Data computation framework.
  • Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning Concepts.

Program Schedule

  • Batch 7: Monday, 27th – Friday, 31st January 2020
  • Batch 8: Monday, 02nd – Friday, 06th March 2020
  • Batch 9: Monday, 22th – Friday, 26th June 2020
  • Batch 10: Monday, 03rd – Friday, 07th August 2020
  • Batch 11: Monday, 19th – Friday, 23rd October 2020
  • Batch 12: Monday, 23rd – Friday, 27th November 2020

Program Fees

Rp. 10.000.000

Registration Procedure

Contact Information

For further information about this program, please contact:

  • Phone: +6281222400410 (Whatsapp / Telegram)
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Digital Business Ecosystem Research Center, School of Economic and Business, Telkom University. Jl. Telekomunikasi no. 1, Buah Batu, Bandung 40257.

Program Brochure

To download the program brochure, please click here

2 thoughts on “Big Data Analyst International Certification”

  1. requirement apa yang diharapkan dari peserta pendaftar? Apa non-IT diperbolehkan mendaftar dan memang kurikulumnya dapat diserap oleh profesional Non-IT ?

    1. requirementnya diutamakan telah memiliki pengetahuan dalam statistik dan data mining serta diharuskan memiliki pengetahuan pada bidang ilmu komputer umum dan keahlian bisnis (domain expertise). dan untuk non-it sangat diperbolehkan untuk mendaftar pak karena dari beberapa batch sebelumnya juga banyak dari non-it dan bisa menyelesaikan proses sertifikasi dengan baik.

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